Why is sales & marketing teamwork critical to a company’s success?

Both the sales and marketing departments work towards the same goal: generating leads and boosting the company’s revenue. But they also have their fair share of differences. The sales team focuses on short-term goals such as lead generation and demand generation.Representatives interact with consumers individually to get them to make the purchase. They can communicate […]
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Scenario planning: 5 reasons why it's important for a business

Scenario planning: 5 reasons why it’s important for a business

Scenario planning has been an essential component of strategic planning. It gained prominence during the 2008 global slowdown and grew steadily after. Volatile economies, currency fluctuations, global warming, and increasing geopolitical conflicts have aided in its growing importance. The unprecedented disruption of COVID-19 and challenging recovery times have once again pointed out its necessity. Any […]
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Data enrichment: 5 benefits of collaborating with experts

Data enrichment: 5 benefits of collaborating with experts

Data is imperative to making accurate business decisions. You’ll only have a clear understanding of the ideal customer persona and improve your marketing strategies with better data. And that’s why every B2B company needs data enrichment services. Data enrichment is the process of cleaning, improving and completing incomplete data. It involves taking verified, publicly available […]
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