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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is considered a direct marketing strategy that involves sending profitable messages to potential customers/clients using emails. This marketing approach is not only used for selling goods and services but also for sending targeted and personalized content thus improving visibility of your product or services and relationships with your customers.

It is cost effective and works faster than most other strategies where you can reach number of email subscribers ensuring the Business gets the best ROI through email marketing services. It is estimated that most B2B marketers are marketing through Email. It is considered as one of the important digital marketing services.

Businesses are always trying to improve their email marketing efforts as it can be one of their most useful tools to generate leads.

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Resolute B2B email marketing application helps businesses in getting fully qualified communication with your customers, and our responsive email templates are compatible on all the devices and are appealing to the targeted audience. Our services provide a proper engagement with customers both inbound and outbound. We also use A/B testing to run a successful email marketing campaign. 

A/B testing is an important part of the process in the campaign. It basically deals with subject lines, email templates, campaign schedule etc. Digital marketing enables ecommerce businesses as a higher response rate. It also permits an higher average order value, when compared with other modes of services in digital marketing.


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