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Email Marketing Services

Email marketing is one of the most affordable and effective digital marketing tools. It helps you generate leads, build relationships, nurture prospective clients, and increase revenue.

Resolute B2B offers the best email marketing services in Hyderabad. Backed by sophisticated strategies and latest email marketing tools and technologies, our email marketing ties in seamlessly with your digital marketing plan to offer quantitative results.

Our team’s deep understanding of designs, personalized content, and email marketing techniques help us create impactful, dynamic emailers that have high click-through and conversions rates.

Benefits of Email Marketing Services

  • Reach a targeted audience
  • Boost your revenue
  • Acquire and retain customers
  • Build brand awareness and recall


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    India: +91 9666 769 766

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Reasons to Choose Email Marketing

4.3 billion

People will use email by 2023, which will equal half the world’s population


Customers’ buying decision is impacted by emailers


B2B and B2C businesses are leveraging the power of email marketing


Customers prefer receiving promotional emails once every week


Is the ROI you can get from email marketing


That’s how much more people spend when you market through emailers

Our Email Marketing Process

Laying The Foundation

We understand your goals and then create a customized strategy. Our experts outline how and when you should communicate with your audience, and what you should say.

Building an Approach

We address your client/customer at each stage of their purchase journey. Our robust campaigns focus on improving awareness and engagement in addition to revenue.

Creating a Layout

Our proficient team chooses a layout for your emailer or builds one from scratch. This is done keeping in mind your unique objectives and the volume of information that is to be conveyed.

Crafting Copy

If an emailer doesn’t hook your audience instantly, it has failed. So, our experienced copywriters write evocative headlines, body copy and CTAs, while spotlighting benefits for readers.

Choosing Images

Exciting, enticing visuals are just as important as crisp copy. At Resolute B2B, we pick the right images, graphics and videos to create emailers that wow your audience.

Testing Rigorously

Before sending the emailer, we carry out A/B testing to ensure that it meets our quality standards. We also check for compliance with regulations, broken links and browser optimization.

Measuring Results

After the emailer is sent, we measure its performance by tracking metrics such as click-through rates, unique opens, spam complaints, conversions, and unsubscribe rates.

Optimizing Approach

Once we know how successful the email campaign has been, we refine and perfect our email marketing strategy further to achieve even better results.

What Makes us The Best in The Business

One-stop shop

At Resolute B2B, we are well-equipped to manage every step of the email marketing process. In addition to creating the emailer, we strategize, build campaigns and even prune your email list.


We pay attention to email marketing trends and best practices so that we can offer phenomenal results at an affordable cost. We use a series of metrics to transparently assess our success.

5+ years of experience

Our diverse, hyper-focused team of experts have 5+ years of experience. Their nuanced perspective and skillset helps us deliver results that exceed your expectations time and again.


Email Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through our FAQs to find answers to common email marketing queries. Need more information or want to discuss your requirements? Contact us.

We use a range of metrics to determine performance, including:
• Open rate
• Click-through rate
• Spam complaints
• Email sharing and forwarding
• Bounce rate
• Unsubscribe rate
• Conversion rate

The most effective email marketing strategy is the one that addresses both, your goals as well as your audience’s needs. Since these parameters vary for every business, no two Resolute B2B email marketing strategies are the same! We take into account your niche needs and craft a strategy that addresses them in a cost-effective manner.

To get the most out of email marketing, a strong email list is a must. At Resolute B2B, we can help you grow your email list and create a high-quality database. Additionally, we recommend advanced segmentation lists. As all your communication won’t be relevant to your entire email list, segmentation allows for better targeting. It helps maximize conversions and revenue, and minimize spam complaints and unsubscription.

Yes, we do. Our goal is to create strategic communication that has a lasting impact. To ensure this, we test all emailer elements, from subject lines and CTAs to images. This ensures that only the most aligned and evocative communication is delivered to your audience’s inbox.

Yes, we do. If you require high engagement with your target audience and constant nurturing, drip campaigns are extremely effective. At Resolute B2B, we can craft an effective and impactful drip campaign that cleverly addresses your needs.

There is no fixed number. The number of emails depends on whether your goal is to nurture leads, engage with existing customers, steer purchase behavior, or a combination of all three. Contact us with your requirements to know more.

Our team of experts uses the metrics such as open rate, click-through rate, bounce rate, etc. to evaluate a drip campaign. We measure progress regularly and share the data with you. Some of the other metrics that we track include:
• Response rate
• Unsubscribe rate
• Value and cost of Leads
• Conversion rate over time
• End-to-end conversion rate over time

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