BANT Campaigns

BANT Campaigns

Budget, Authority, Need & Time plays a critical factor for clients to try to connect with the intended prospect to leverage services as per their requirement.

Meaningful conversations by understanding the offerings and connecting the pain point with the services is what Resolute B2B believes in

Looking to make your sales process more efficient? Want to spend more time pursuing only qualified prospects? BANT is for you. BANT stands for Budget, Authority, Need and Timeline, and is a lead qualification system based on the prospect’s budget, decision-making power, need for your product/service and the urgency to try it out.

At Resolute B2B, we use this framework with skill and mastery to provide your sales funnel with qualified leads. We identify warm prospects for you, help you connect with them through optimal channels, and eliminate leads that are unlikely to convert. Not only do our BANT services save you valuable time and resources, but they also boost your conversion and revenue generation rates.



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Benefits of BANT Campaigns

  • Improve lead quality
  • Streamline sales processes
  • Save time and money
  • Increase conversion rates

Our BANT Campaign Process

Determine The Budget

We understand the lead’s budget to determine whether they fit the bill or not. We also take into consideration their expected ROI from the product/service to understand whether they are well-suited.

Identify Stakeholders

Decision-making has evolved over time. In most cases, nowadays a purchase decision is usually made by more than one person. We establish who all are involved in the process and how best to address them.

Learn About Problems & Needs

When approaching a lead we know their problems and needs, but now we determine how inclined they are to solve it using your product/service. We also check if all stakeholders are equally inclined.

Determine Timelines

We prepare a timeline for every lead depending on how long it will take for them to close the deal. This helps your sales team prioritize tasks and budget time appropriately.

Track Progress

We use the best automation tools to track the entire BANT lead qualification process. This ensures that there are no gaps in information once we handover to your sales team.

What Makes us The Best in The Business

A multi-pronged approach

We follow prospects through multiple channels. This way we address doubts, and tap into new needs that your product/service can solve. By planning ahead, we act quickly and qualify leads efficiently.

Intuitive thinking

The BANT framework comes with a list of questions, but we adapt them to ensure a pleasant sales experience for prospects. Instead of working mechanically, we focus on building a relationship to yield better results.

5+ years of experience

Our diverse, hyper-focused team of experts have 5+ years of experience. Their nuanced perspective and skillset help us deliver results that exceed your expectations time and again.


BANT Campaign Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through our FAQs to find answers to common BANT campaign queries. Need more information or want to discuss your requirements? Contact us.

A properly-formulated and executed BANT campaign can speed up your sales cycle and increase revenue. The BANT system vets prospective clients based on their budget, decision-making ability, need for the product/service and purchase timeline, thereby helping you close more deals, quicker.

When you outsource a BANT campaigns to a specialist such as Resolute B2B, we free up your sales team so that they can focus on one thing and one thing alone—successful conversions.

By outsourcing BANT lead qualification to a company like Resolute B2B, you can streamline the lead generation process, ensure a steady stream of leads, save resources such as time and money, and most importantly, improve efficiencies and revenue significantly!

We excel at providing lead generation services and digital marketing services. We create transformational outcomes through our wide range of services, as our experts skillfully curate strategies that address unique goals and needs. What’s more, our granular approach and attention to detail ensure 100% satisfaction. Not only do we offer remarkable B2B data intelligence, but we also deliver high quality, timely results.

A BANT campaign’s design depends on what your needs and requirements are. Once we discuss these, we can provide you with a quote. However, we encourage you to not look at this as an expense. Instead look at as an investment that you’re making in your business. In the hands of our skilled and experienced team, BANT is a sure way of scaling sales and profitability.

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