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Appointment Generation

Appointment Generation

One of our core areas of expertise is B2B appointment generation/setting. We have customized solutions for our clients to boost their existing B2B Appointment Generation efforts, driving increased conversion rates and helping close more deals.

We are helping start-ups, small and medium enterprise companies with finding decision makers and setting up appointments with their sales team. We help our clients spend more time meeting with qualified prospects rather than looking for them, or having to qualify them.

Our in house sales ninjas generate qualified appointments with decision makers hence freeing up our clients sales team allowing them to concentrate on their core competency, i.e. selling

Appointment Generation


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"A research shows that around 75% of the total sales effort is consumed by scheduling appointments."

Our proven Appointment Garnering process to qualify sales leads will help your company with the below:

We provide you with a dedicated team of in house sales ninjas that functions as an extended arm of your sales team and are qualified in your value proposition.
Develop a focused approach on your prospective accounts. We will use our data services to build custom list catering to your needs.
We have a dedicated quality check team that ensures every lead scored by our in house sales executive is quality checked to meet the client’s criteria.
A dedicated account manager is constantly available to work on your feedback, provide you with weekly reports and review calls.
You have the power to tweak qualifications over time to suit your needs.
We setup weekly performance reviews along with the detailed reports.
We provide detailed Lead Report/Profile sheet for the appointments we secure for your sales team, so that they are well prepared for the meetings and connect your sales team member and prospect on the date of appointment via teleconferencing.

Resolute B2B is a global lead generation company with capabilities to cater to clients with our Digital & Tele marketing presence powered with data intelligence  clubbed with high standards of quality results.

ECIL, Hyderabad, Telangana
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