About us

About us

Welcome to Resolute B2B

We are a global lead generation company with the capability to accelerate your business’ growth story. We create transformational outcomes for our clients through lead generation, digital marketing, tele-marketing and a range of other services.

Our workforce comprises industry experts who skillfully curate strategies that address each business’ unique goals and needs. Our granular, result-oriented approach and attention to detail ensures 100% satisfaction.

Not only do we pride ourselves on our remarkable B2B data intelligence, but we also deliver high quality, timely results for our Indian and international clients. With a holistic approach and a diverse outlook, we truly empower the businesses we work with.

About us

Our Vision & Mission

When Your success is our mission

Values that make Resolute B2B shine
Ethical business operations

We set the bar extremely high. You can expect nothing but 100% honesty and transparency in your interactions with us.

Acquiring clients vs. building relationships

We don’t have a transactional approach to business. Instead, we focus on building long-term partnerships with clients, and channel our energies towards providing best-in-class support.

Employee-centric outlook

Our people are our most valuable assets. So, we do everything possible to ensure that they are happy and can perform to the best of their abilities.

Adaptive & agile

We continuously upskill and adopt cutting-edge technologies and processes to ensure superior outcomes. Our investment-backed, scalable infrastructure allows us to cater to every client need.

We always work with a great team.



Suparna Utkarsh
(Founder & Director)

“Suparna has 17+ years’ experience and has worked with Leading Global EMS companies in the capacity of Head of HR, she is focused on building a company that has the best of breed talent delivering best in class services hence resulting in high ROI for every customer. She has a keen eye for identifying opportunities of growth both potentially and financially.”


Valentino Franswah
(Director & CEO)

“With over 22+ years of extensive experience in Marketing, Sales and IT service delivery, Valentino has worked with companies like Genpact, IBM and Unisys and brings the much-lacked process-oriented approach back to lead Generation. With a strong focus on Quality and ROI, He is keen to make a change in the industry One B2B company at a time.”




Resolute™ Group of Companies

We are proud to be a part of the Resolute Group of Companies which was founded in 1998 by Mr. Raminder Singh Soin with a single manufacturing plant. Today, the Resolute Group is an impressive conglomerate headquartered in Hyderabad, Telangana, serving clients in India, South East Asia, North America and Europe.

Its diverse portfolio includes companies specializing in electronics, manufacturing services, system integration, digital marketing, sales enablement, as well as animation and gaming.

Resolute Group
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We have many reviews from our satisfied clients.


We draw on our global network to assemble a team of experts.


Samuel Arun Kumar

Head of Operations
Pabba Bhanu Laxman

Bhanu Laxman

Digital Marketing Manager

Clients speak

Take a look at what our clients have to say about our services.

Resolute B2B is a global lead generation company with capabilities to cater to clients with our Digital & Tele marketing presence powered with data intelligence  clubbed with high standards of quality results.

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