Webinar Registration

Webinar Registration

Our focus is to bring in the right set of audience to attend the webinar, while having the prospect filling up the form for registrations.

Webinars are an effective way to generate leads. 69% of B2B marketers confirmed that they improved their market position through webinars, while another 73% agreed that webinars were a sure-shot way to generate high-quality leads.

Our webinar registration services will help you make the most of this tool. Our highly-experienced team ensures that the right set of people sign up for your webinars. The end result? We offer you a list of prospects who have a genuine interest in your products and services.

At Resolute B2B, webinar registration services are all-encompassing. We contact the right set of people, facilitate registration, troubleshoot, issue timely reminders and even gather feedback!



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Benefits of Webinar Registration Services

  • Get high-quality leads
  • Establish expertise
  • Promote core competencies
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Drive revenue

Our Webinar Registration Process

Target Identification

First, we identify people who are interested in your product/service and would make up the right audience for your webinar.

Contacting The Target

Once the list is finalized, we contact the target through a preferred, pre-determined medium, such as email, providing webinar information and encouraging registrations.

Assist Registrations

Next, we help prospects fill out the registration form, offering guidance and trouble-shooting support, where necessary.

Attendance Follow-ups

Once a prospect registers, we periodically remind them about the webinar in the days and weeks leading up to the event.


We capitalize on the buzz that the webinar has created. We capture the attendee’s reaction and their level of interest in the product/service, thereby converting attendees into qualified leads.

What Makes us The Best in The Business

Focus on relevance

We go beyond simply getting people to register for your webinar. Our aim is to bring in the right set of people to attend the webinar so that you get access to quality, actionable leads.

Seamless management

We excel at creating a seamless plan of action for each client and execute it to perfection. Our process is transparent, and your feedback is always valued.

5+ years of experience

Our diverse, hyper-focused team of experts have 5+ years of experience. Their nuanced perspective and skillset help us deliver results that exceed your expectations time and again.

Webinar Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through our FAQs to find answers to common webinar registration queries. Need more information or want to discuss your requirements? Contact us.

Webinars are a great way of establishing industry expertise. In addition, they help you acquire high-quality leads who have proven interest in your products or services. However, webinars are only useful when people sign up. Webinar registration services bridge this gap effectively.

The charges depend on a range of factors. Please get in touch with us with your requirements and objectives to get a tailormade quote from our team.

Yes, we offer web design, content writing and SEO services. As a result, we can craft an effective landing page for your webinar that will help drive sign-ups and conversions.

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