5 types of webinars that B2B businesses shouldn’t miss out on

5 types of webinars that B2B businesses shouldn’t miss out on

B2B webinars have grown to become one of the most effective lead generation channels worldwide. You can use these online events to connect with a segmented audience to cater to a specific pain point while advocating for your products/services. It:

  • Establishes your company as a thought leader.
  • Brings warmer leads into the sales funnel.
  • Drives quality leads towards conversion.
  • Builds rapport with existing customers.
  • Sustains marketing impact longer.

Webinars, being highly targeted, engaging, and informative, are extremely effective. In this article, we’re discussing five types of webinars that, as B2B marketers, you must know and use.

Thought leadership

As already pointed out, webinars can establish your business as a thought leader in any industry. This kind of webinar enables you to showcase your knowledge and expertise. Cover all types of topics for all levels of audience members to understand, from beginners to intermediates to experts, and as per their purchase cycle.

During this time, you will be able to convey to your audience the subject that will entice them to purchase your products and services.

Customer onboarding

Onboarding is one of the most crucial points of your relationship with a customer. This kind of webinar is preceded by the customer deciding to purchase from you. Now, this is a pivotal juncture, as they might have numerous questions about your product/service and your company. The simplest way to proceed is to host a webinar for them.

Begin by explaining how your product/service works and who will be their point of contact. You can respond to their questions in real time, which strengthens your relationship with the consumers. The catch here is that you should be able hold the customer onboarding webinar for multiple customers who’ve opted for a particular business offering.

Lead nurturing

You’ll need to nurture the prospects throughout the process of the sales funnel to nudge them towards conversion. Webinars are a way to do so! Thorough research will give you insight into their purchase journey and pain points. Hold webinars that are highly targeted and will encourage prospects to engage with you. Showcase your problem-solving approach and highlight your uniqueness. Your end goal for hosting a lead nurturing webinar is to create an atmosphere of trust where the prospect will gravitate towards you for a solution.

Customer retention

Getting existing customers to make a repeat purchase from you is a challenge, but not impossible. Provide top-notch customer service at all points and encourage your buyers to share their feedback. Refine your strategy and offerings based on the inputs. Hold a webinar to show the changes you made. It shows that their feedback matters to you and your business.

You can also use customer retention webinars to update the customers regarding new product/service launches and company updates. The online event is a convenient platform to establish yourself as an approachable brand that prioritizes customers.

Panelist discussion

In a panel discussion, you invite industry experts to discuss a trending industry-related topic. Hold such discussions frequently and so it further establishes you as someone who propagates information. Send exclusive invites to your audience and allow them to pose questions directly to industry bigwigs. As a moderator, you can tailor the webinar accordingly to have a fruitful interaction. Panellist discussion webinars further your agenda of cementing your business as a credible source of information.

Leverage a variety of webinars to reach the target audience effectively and collate their information. Improve your brand perception while bringing in warmer leads.

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