Why is sales & marketing teamwork critical to a company’s success?

Both the sales and marketing departments work towards the same goal: generating leads and boosting the company’s revenue. But they also have their fair share of differences. The sales team focuses on short-term goals such as lead generation and demand generation.Representatives interact with consumers individually to get them to make the purchase. They can communicate […]
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Learn how to find new audiences online

Learn how to find new audiences online

When you’re a B2C business, there are many ways in which your customers stumble across your product or service, and make a quick purchase decision. However, this journey is more complicated for B2B entities. There are numerous decision-makers involved, and the discoverability and the information-gathering process aren’t as seamless either. In short, the purchase decision […]
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empathetic marketing

4 ways to get started with empathetic marketing today

4 ways to get started with empathetic marketing today! While the year 2020 was a learning curve for individuals and businesses alike, it brought to the surface one very important insight. In today’s emotionally-charged climate, no matter what it is that you’re providing customers with, empathetic marketing or empathy-based marketing is non-negotiable. It allows you […]
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