Planning to elevate B2B lead generation? Appointment setting is your answer

Planning to elevate B2B lead generation? Appointment setting is your answer
Appointment setting is one of the most crucial aspects of lead generation strategy in a B2B setup. To better understand its importance, let us see the sales scenario that lacks an appointment setting.
In a traditional setup, sales representatives would start with researching the target audience. They would then contact them and convince them to purchase your products or services. The latter part would continue till the lead made a purchase. It not only took a lot of time to convert but also got a lot of rejections. That’s what we discuss at length in this article. Let’s start with the procedure
Steps to generate B2B leads with appointment generation

B2B lead generation is a three-step process: prospecting, setting an appointment and closing. Each stage plays a critical role in conversion, with appointment generation improving the quality of leads. Let us discuss these in detail.


Your data analysts use the latest technology to collect vital information for the sales team to use later. It includes name, organization, designation, phone number, email ID, and other details.

Setting an appointment

In this step, your appointment setters are responsible for building brand awareness among your target audience. They continue to do this on loop, thus driving more warm leads into the sales funnel. Notably, the setters only pass on a prospective consumer when they are sure of their genuine interest in your brand.


When a prospective customer shows interest in your product or service, the setters set an appointment for your sales team. The team then contacts them and details them about the purchase of their choice.

Leads generated in the mentioned process come into the funnel with high chances of conversion. Qualified appointment setting involves cleansing the audience database and nurturing selectively to land high-quality leads.

Tips to improve B2B appointment setting
As already established, appointment setting can be beneficial if done smartly. Here are some tips to improve the B2B appointment setting process.
  • Identify decision-makers within your target audience.
  • Craft a script that targets the pain points of your ideal customer.
  • Gauge the prospect’s profile and ask only relevant questions.
  • Listen to their answer before moving on to the next question.
  • Be innovative with the script when the prospect asks for additional information.
  • Show how your brand’s product or service can add value to their business.
More importantly, be willing to learn and adapt. The setting’s proficiency enhances the results significantly. Hence your appointment setters must spend time gauging the audience base and its needs.
Modes to do B2B appointment setting
You can generate the appointments either through email or through call. Here’s how you can crack quality appointments.

Through emails
For cold emailing, your teams must refine the audience database and decide on the number and frequency of emails. Then draft an email copy consisting of details of your brand and its products/services. Use the personal information collected so far to personalize the email. And it must end with your sales pitch and a CTA.

Through calls
Thoroughly analyze the target audience database to better understand the people you are about to call. Research is a critical part of cold calling. Follow the tips mentioned in the previous section to generate the lead’s interest in your offerings. For best results, use a combination of cold emailing and telemarketing. The process not only ensures success for your appointment generation efforts but also helps you build a long-term relationship with prospects. There’s another way too! You can collaborate with an external agency where they’re responsible for communicating with prospects. They hand over the warmed-up leads to you. Your sales team can then deliver the final pitch. This entire process fastens the lead generation process and increases the chances of conversion. That’s where Resolute B2B comes in. Are you still wondering how to undertake appointment setting or how it will work out for you? Lead generation is our forte, and we excel at appointment generation. Contact us today and let us show how we can be of help to you.

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