5 strategies to sell value instead of price in upcoming years

5 strategies to sell value instead of price in upcoming years

The field of digital marketing has progressively grown in the last decade. A major shift was how B2B buyers are researching before purchasing a product or service. The shift has and will continue to be prominent in 2022 and beyond. A survey revealed that over 90% of consumers exhibit this behaviour.

While offers and discounts are a great way to attract customers, they are not always the most viable options. In this scenario, take the price out of the equation and insert the value. Instead, you can make the B2B buyer aware of how your product/service can add value to their business. With value-based selling, you understand prospects’ needs and tailoring your sales pitch accordingly.

Let us next discuss five strategies that you can implement for value-based selling.

Understand your audience

Trace out the buyer persona that would be an ideal fit for your product/service. Do not stop at a generic definition but dig deeper and refine the tracing. You can include details like demographics, industry, organization, designation, and others.

Once you have the ideal buyer persona, identify the possible pain points. Here, you are attempting to understand what the target customer might be looking for. Identify what might trigger them in their purchase journey.

Identify benefits of your product/service

Collect the details of the research that went into the creation of your product/service. Brainstorm every possible benefit, small or big, that might interest your ideal buyer. Apart from the obvious ones, also consider what makes your offering unique. Note down why your product or service is better than what your competitors are offering.

In this section, also count on why and how your brand stands out from others in the market. When you actually make the sales pitch, you can stress how the combination of your brand and the product or service is the best for the B2B buyer.

Remover buyers’ fear

No matter how well-conducted your research is, buyers will always have some doubts when it comes to making a purchase decision. You must take steps to eliminate the doubts and establish your brand as the perfect solution for the prospect’s problems.

You can give a limited time free trial for your product or service so that the prospect has first-hand experience of how your products/services function. Case studies are also a great way to demonstrate your success so far.

Learn from the best

Study how the industry thought leaders are conducting business and see how you can emulate the same. You can also keep a close eye on your competitors, imbibe knowledge where necessary. The analysis will also give you an idea of how your peers are marketing. Use this to make your product or service better and unique.

Find the right time for the sales pitch

Forget the finish line aka the conversion to make the final sales pitch. Rather concentrate on the prospect’s journey with you and attempt to improve it. Create multiple touchpoints where the prospect comes in contact with you and ensure that they leave you with some value every single time. Concentrate on building a trust-based relationship so that the lead eventually becomes a recurring client.

As a B2B marketer, take a route less traversed with value-based selling. Use the five strategies discussed in this article to sell the value of your products or services. And if you find difficulty implementing them, reach out to Resolute B2B.

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