How can Resolute B2B’s BANT campaign help improve your business

How can Resolute B2B’s BANT campaign help improve your business

Lead qualification is crucial and one of the hardest to crack for sales representatives. Instead of taking complicated, traditional methods, you can go for BANT. It is a tried-and-tested lead generation approach. It stands for:

  • Budget: How much is the prospective buyer willing to spend?
  • Authority: Who are the decision-makers?
  • Need: Does the prospect need the product or service?
  • Timeline: How much time will the prospect need before making the purchase decision?

Being a lead generation expert, BANT is one of the core strengths of Resolute B2B. With us, you can achieve your sales target sooner and end up with quality leads. But don’t just believe us! This is how our BANT campaign can improve your business:

We create personalized solutions

Our experience has taught us that the ‘one solution for all’ ideology will fall flat for BANT campaigns. That is why our experts take ample time to understand your requirements and business goals. We also try to understand your target audience, their requirements, and their pain points. Our next step will be to identify warm prospects and the channels that we can use to connect with them. We contextualize the conversation so that it matches the prospect’s designation. The measures that we take during the BANT campaign are to ensure each person that we contact takes a step towards becoming a customer.

We set and achieve daily pacing

Instead of taking on the campaign head-on, we broke it down and set daily as well as weekly targets. The target is the minimum number of leads that we score for you in a time frame. Our capable campaign managers assign the targets to every assigned lead generation executive. Of course, we love to break barriers! As has happened several times in the past, we have exceeded the targets we set for ourselves. We have always tried to get back to our clients with excellent quality leads ahead of the due date.

We practice knowledge sharing

We are strong proponents of knowledge sharing and believe that working in silos is no longer feasible. BANT campaigns are complex as it is, and we ensure that we share insights. We set aside time everyday to share experiences so that everyone can optimize their approach to the campaign. While working on any new campaign, we also discuss the hurdles we faced previously and also how we found a better solutions. This is a practice that we diligently follow irrespective of the campaign details.

We think on our feet

Despite the best prep, every BANT campaign demands us to be intuitive and innovative. Such campaigns come with numerous comprehensive questions. It’s a tightrope walk, and the interaction is always inches away from sounding intrusive. That’s why we have trained our executives to precisely handle such situations. Here’s our secret: Instead of a sales call, we concentrate on building a relationship with the prospect. We show that we intend to get to know them better so that we can offer them accurate solutions. Et voila!

We track and report every progress

Our level-headed campaign managers run a tight ship when it comes to BANT. Apart from using their experience, they also make use of the latest automation tools to track the lead qualification process. Our quality analyst triple-checks each aspect of the campaign to ensure that there is no gap in information. Not just that, we also share weekly, fortnightly, and monthly progress reports as well. We welcome your feedback and can make changes if you feel so. Your sales team can then take it ahead and nurture the prospects towards conversion.

We have over five years of experience when it comes to lead generation. Apart from BANT, we also offer data enrichment, appointment generation, webinar registration, ABM, and email marketing campaigns. This means that if you want to start lead generation or are facing trouble generating leads—we’re here for you. You can avail all of our services or in a combination feasible to you. We go by only one rule: high-quality leads for happy clients all over the world. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and let us ease your BANT troubles. Drop your details at Or call us on +91 – 8121631602 (India) or +1 302-664-8181 (USA).

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