Data enrichment: 5 benefits of collaborating with experts

Data enrichment: 5 benefits of collaborating with experts

Data is imperative to making accurate business decisions. You’ll only have a clear understanding of the ideal customer persona and improve your marketing strategies with better data. And that’s why every B2B company needs data enrichment services.

Data enrichment is the process of cleaning, improving and completing incomplete data. It involves taking verified, publicly available data and refining your existing database. Now, this is a complex operation. It tends to get more complicated over time as your database expands. Hence, it’s best if you leave it to the experts. In this reference, there are five benefits of collaborating with an expert for data enrichment.

Access to the experts

Upon partnering, you gain access to the data prepared by trained experts of the agency. They use expertise and nuanced perspective to get back to you with an enhanced database. The agency has trusted data sources to refer to. The resultant data will help you identify smart ways to grow your customer base. As you reduce discrepancies in your database, you can improve your customer service and get a better ROI.

Use of the latest technology

The agency, to maximize its expertise, uses cutting-edge tools and technologies. A third party can help you access accurate data and make critical business decisions. The latest technology also shortens the time required for the data enrichment process. Not only that, but the new tools help you do more work with less spending. In short, partnering with experts will get you better data in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Reduction of risk factor

The agencies perform internal quality checks ahead of submitting the final version of the database to you. They do this as per your business requirements and goals. The agencies rigorously profile the incoming data and finetune the data pipeline to eradicate any duplicate and inconsistent data. Apart from using tools, they also employ a manual verification process to verify lengths, data types, and formats.

Get multilingual data

The SaaS model has reduced geographical boundaries and allows data access from anywhere in the world. The only drawback is language barriers. A data enrichment agency can handle this for you irrespective of the origin of the data. Additionally, some data types are specific to a region. For example, the address format varies from state to state and nation to nation. You’ll otherwise have to hire region-specific experts to interpret the data. However, an agency has in-house experts to present it to you in a simpler, more accessible manner.

Flexible approach

One of the most effective benefits of partnering with an agency is the flexible approach to data enrichment. Market trends heavily influence requirements. The agencies keep track of such changes and inform you about how they might affect you. They factor in the trends to make the process agile. And you are always free to make suggestions at any point to improvise the strategy.

Data enrichment plays an important role when you’re launching new products or services and want to improve customer relations or boost ROI. It is a vital activity that only experts must handle. If you are still unsure of who to approach, contact us. We have an adept data research team aboard who pulls data from reliable sources using the latest data extraction tools. Our data enrichment quality standards ensure that you get nothing but the best. Contact us to find out more.

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