8 effective ways to drive traffic to your website

As a marketer, your prime objective will always be to gain more customers. And, website traffic has a huge role to play in this endeavor. The more traffic you are able to attract, the more people will become aware of your brand and your offerings. This increases chances of conversions. As simple as it sounds, businesses all around the world struggle with boosting website traffic.

To help you with this, here’s our guide of easy, yet effective things that you can do to drive traffic to your website. Let’s get started.

Create interesting content

Content is one of the most efficient ways to increase traffic. Here ‘content’ can be in the form of a blog, high-quality images, videos, and infographics. For the best output, use a mix of formats and content lengths. Apart from blogs, also post regularly on social media. Use relevant platforms to generate interest about your business, so that people visit the website to learn more, or better yet, to make a purchase.

To trigger these reactions, make your content eye-catching. A simple thing that you can do is write engaging headlines that hook your audience, and ensure that your content doesn’t go unnoticed. Here are some tips to write an irresistible headline:

  • Build a sense of urgency
  • Use emotional and power words
  • Encapsulate the meaningfulness of your content
  • Include keywords
Carry out keyword research

Keyword research is the first thing, and one of the most important tasks, that you need to undertake when you are creating any piece of content. It helps you identify what your target audience is searching for online, and you can then create content accordingly. It also helps you identify keywords with high, mid and low search volumes, and the ones that you should eventually include in your content.

As a thumb rule, use long-tail, mid-tail, and short-tail keywords. A combination will give you an edge over your competitors, help your content rank better, and in turn fetch you more website visitors.

Collaborate with industry experts

Identify and partner with industry experts. Collaborate with them on a guest blog, live stream, or webinar. There are two benefits to this approach. Firstly, since the expert has established credibility and goodwill in the industry, you can cement yours as well through the association. Secondly, you leverage the expert’s significant following and attract a whole new audience to your website.

Conduct A/B testing

With A/B testing or split testing, you can compare two or more variations of each webpage and see which one is performing better. Is one holding the attention of website visitors longer than the other? Is one generating more clicks or purchases? In a nutshell, A/B testing will give you an unbiased picture of which version has the most lasting impact and drives business. Through this tool, you can learn which kind of content is attracting more people to your website. When you optimize all content, blog titles and webpage titles keeping A/B testing results in mind, you make your content more ‘clickable’ and in this way can increase traffic.

Enhance SEO

Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to elevate quality content, take it to the next level and attract web traffic. To this end, ensure that you take care of the bare minimum. By this we mean that you must add title tags, alt text to images, meta titles and  descriptions, internal links, etc., wherever possible.

Be a guest contributor

You can collaborate with another organization and serve as a guest contributor. Ensure that the partner belongs to an industry that you have expertise in, and more importantly, one that they have an established position in. Through such a guest contribution, you can generate backlinks for your websiteand enhance referral traffic.

Repurpose and refurbish existing content

When you create a fresh piece of content, it contains the most recent, relevant information, and addresses the search intent of your target audience. In this way, it performs well on SERPs. However, as any content sits for years together on your website, it begins to lose relevance. This is because the information may have become outdated, or because your audience’s search intent may have changed. This means that SERPs no longer prioritize it.

So, use Google Analytics to identify old content that has lost traction and determine why. Then, update the information, and add graphics or a complementary video to make the content relevant once again, and make it even more engaging. Through this nifty trick, you can breathe life into existing content and use itto route more traffic to your website.

Similarly, you can also repurpose existing high-performing content by publishing it on a new platform. For instance, turn a blog into a ‘guide’ on Instagram. This is another clever way to appeal to a newer audience and generate more website traffic.


Advertisements are a sure-fire way to boost website traffic. You can go with display ads, social media ads, or search engine ads. By putting your organization’s digital address in spots where your target audience is likely to look, you can increase footfall to your website effectively. The key to getting the most out of this tool is to tailor ads as per your budget, business goals, and target audience.

Apart from these suggestions, you can try internal linking, i.e., linking one page on a domain to another. It enables easy access and improves ranking. Additionally, stay active on social media platforms to increase discoverability and attract visitors. If you notice that none of these measures are working the way you want them to, our experts at Resolute B2B can help! Contact us today to learn how.

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