Pay attention to these metrics to determine webinar success

Webinars are an efficient way to generate qualified leads. In fact, 89% of marketers feel that webinars outperform other channels in this regard. However, without clearly defined metrics, you have no way of knowing if your webinar registration efforts or webinar itself has been successful.

Instead of relying on guesswork, pay attention to these five metrics to assess your efforts. Use the information that you glean along the way smartly, to elevate your approach.

Your assessment should focus on two aspects: webinar registrations and the outcome of the actual webinar. In case of the former, the end goal is to get as many relevant people as possible to register. So, this is the first metric that you should cue into.

Also, once you have the contact details that a prospect has shared while signing up, make sure that you use the information cleverly. As they have consented to receive communication, do your best to nurture them up to the webinar and beyond. Opt for a multi-channel approach for optimal results.

Conversion rate
When you’re measuring performance, a key number is the conversion rate. It tells you how many people actually attended the webinar, compared to those who registered for it.

Conversion rate = (number of attendees / number of people who registered) x 100

A high rate means that your webinar registration campaign was a success. On the contrary, if you find that the conversion rate is low, in the future you can consider following up with prospects who have registered more closely. Issue reminders, send emailers that generate interest for the event, and even consider sharing detailed instructions on how to join the webinar. This is particularly helpful if your audience is likely to be intimidated by technology.

Also, to improve your conversion rate, ensure that you’re holding the webinar at a time and date that is convenient to most of your audience. Additionally, understand preferences when it comes to live and on-demand webinars and schedule yours accordingly for better results.

View duration
In the post-pandemic world, webinars are replacing in-person events to a notable extent. You might try to keep the webinar flow and content as interesting as possible, but are attendees feeling the same way? The webinar view duration will answer this question. It is a true measure of just how engaging attendees found the webinar to be, both in terms of content and speakers.

Based on the results and your understanding of the audience, you can finetune the content and format of the webinar in the future. To keep audiences engaged and hence boost the view duration, make the webinar interactive with the help of questions and polls. Also, incentivize participation to keep attendees interested till the very end.

Attendee feedback
Collecting feedback after a webinar is a no-brainer. But how does it help measure success? The feedback will give you an insight into how your target audience perceived the event and whether or not you have been able to achieve the goal that you had set, be it building awareness or driving sales.

To collect feedback, create an online questionnaire that covers every aspect, but is brief. Use the insights to augment future outcomes.

Webinar cost
At the end of the day, a webinar is a lead generation tool, and the goal is to power sales through it. So, compare the cost of organizing and holding the event with the revenue generated. If the cost outweighs conversions, it’s a sign that you need to go back to the drawing board and re-look how you approach webinars. Optionally, research other lead nurturing techniques.

Apart from these five metrics, understand what is triggering registrations. In the future, you can double down on this channel or activity to increase sign-ups. On the other hand, if you’d like to focus only on the webinar, leave webinar registration to Resolute B2B. As lead generation experts with rich experience, we help:

  • Attract quality attendees
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  • Promote your capabilities
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  • Boost revenue

Contact us today to know how we can achieve all this for you.

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