How does Resolute B2B build & optimize PPC campaigns?

How does Resolute B2B build & optimize PPC campaigns

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns have the power to instantly put you on your target audience’s radar. Their advantage is that you have access to granular data. You can use this to measure the efficacy of your strategy and improve accordingly, in near real-time. More importantly, PPC campaigns help you attract sales-ready prospects, thereby expediting closures.

Also colloquially known as paid ads, PPC campaigns are a preferred tool amongst most marketers. This is probably because a well-optimized PPC campaign on Google can give you 2 to 2.3 times return on your investment.

The secret to getting amazing results with PPC campaigns is two-fold: having a sound strategy, and hands-on tracking and optimization. This is exactly why it is a task best undertaken by experts. At Resolute B2B, we have over five years of experience and use our exceptional skills to propel growth via PPC campaigns. Take a look at our tried-and-tested five-step process that helps us get the job done.

5 steps to build & optimize PPC campaigns
Curate a strategy

To begin with, we understand your business goals and target audience. Your business goals can be:

  • Raising brand awareness
  • Boosting sales
  • Generating leads
  • Increasing site traffic
  • Promoting products/services

We then start the process of creating a strategy and determining the type of campaign. Depending on your goals, we choose from search ads, display ads, video ads, remarketing, or a mix. The kind of target audience and their position in the sales funnel also influences the blueprint. Apart from these aspects, we analyze what your competitors are doing and how we can help you rise above. Based on the data that we gather; our experts build a customized strategy.

Select keywords

In the second step, we conduct thorough keyword research. We start by identifying keywords that your prospects might use to find you. Then, we refine the list based on search volumes. Usually, keywords that have higher search volumes will also have higher competition and a higher Cost Per Click (CPC). So, we use keywords with varying search volumes for optimal results. If need be, we include long-tail keywords for improved visibility. Our strategy also pays attention to negative keywords so that we can eliminate uninterested visitors.

What does this mean? Let’s assume that your ad is about offering B2B digital marketing services in and around Chennai. By flagging ‘training’ as a negative keyword, we will then avoid those within your audience who are looking for agencies that offer digital marketing training. Through similar techniques, we help you stay ahead of the curve.

engaging copy
Create engaging copy

Next, we create compelling ad copy that includes the right keywords. We ensure that your ad aligns with search intent, or in other words, what your target audience is looking for. Based on our thorough analysis of the audience and their motivators, we craft every element of the ad, from the headline to the CTA, to perfection. To be doubly sure that we have the best possible communication, we conduct rigorous A/B testing. Eventually, we arrive at the most effective combination of copy and visuals. Spending ample time on perfecting the communication for the PPC campaign helps us secure superlative results right out of the gate.

Refine the landing page

When a user clicks on an ad that is part of a PPC campaign, they are directed to a landing page. An optimized page is crucial to converting a visitor into a customer. We understand its importance and take measures to improve every prospect’s experience with your brand.

Our team of experts ensures that the flow of information between the ad and the landing page is seamless. We pay attention to details such as language, tonality, and placement of information. Exciting visual elements highlight crucial data, thus encouraging the visitor to take the desired action. We again conduct A/B testing at this stage to ensure that the landing page aids conversions, not drop-offs.

Track, optimize and update
Track, optimize and update

Since a PPC campaign requires you to spend each time someone clicks on your ad, we are very mindful of tracking how the ads are performing. We use this information to refine our approach in real-time and optimize spends.

At Resolute B2B, we have had the fortune of partnering with businesses that are deeply invested in the digital marketing process. This is why we make it a priority to offer unparalleled transparency. We provide regular updates and detailed monthly reports. A dedicated PPC manager helps you understand how your money is being spent and the results it’s fetching you in exchange.

Apart from Google PPC campaigns, we also offer the following services, acting as a one-stop shop for PPC marketing.

  • Bing PPC campaigns
  • Dynamic search ads
  • RLSA campaigns
  • Call-only campaigns
  • Account optimization
  • Mobile app campaigns
  • Conversion tracking
  • Retargeting

Visit our website for more information on how we add value with our suite of PPC services. Optionally, share your details and we will get in touch with you for a debrief.

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