Top 7 ways to measure the efficacy of web development

Top 7 ways to measure the efficacy of web development

An impressive website is a crucial part of the digital marketing strategy for every B2B organization. Hence, it is vital that your website be a success. There are two sides to a thriving website: web design and web development. The design is all about the look and feel of the website, while the development refers to how the website functions.

Technically strong web development can define your brand identity, influence visitors’ experiences, and increase inbound traffic. That said, it’s equally important that you monitor your website’s performance and fine-tune it. Web development metrics give you insight into how your website is performing. You can identify how your content is performing and whether you’re able to cater to their needs. In that reference, here are 10 ways to measure the efficacy of web development.

Website traffic

It denotes the total number of visitors to your website. Website traffic measures your website’s effectiveness in attracting businesses. It includes organic, paid, new, and repeat visitors. Consider traffic demographics as well to better understand your site visitors and their behavior.

Traffic source

The inflow of traffic is valuable as long as you know what directed them to your website.  Visitors could have:

  • Typed in your URL in the address bar of a search engine.
  • Found your website after a search.
  • Clicked on your ad.
  • Visited you on social media platforms.
  • Found your link on a partner site.

The numbers will tell you if you are getting expected traffic from specific sources. You can strengthen your strategy accordingly.

Devices used

Along the same lines, you also need to know from which devices your website traffic is coming. When you’ve invested in WhatsApp marketing, ideally the traffic should be from mobile phones. And if it’s not, you’ll know that the strategy needs rework.

Page load speed

One in four visitors leaves a website if it takes more than four seconds to load. A poorly performing website can drive away visitors and reduce the conversion rate. Hence, determining the page load speed is vital, as is maintaining the right number.

Average session duration

A session is a set of interactions that a visitor has with your website. Average session duration denotes a visitor’s time on the website. People who spend more time on the site are more likely to convert. Taking measures such as making website content interactive, posting engaging blogs, providing easy navigation, having a chatbot available, etc, will streamline a visitor’s experience and increase their session length.

Average page views per session

This denotes the pages that a visitor views on average per session. Average page views per session, along with the metric discussed above, give you a better picture of how engaging your content is and if you’re able to hold the visitor’s attention. As already said, the higher the number, the closer you are to your goals.

Conversion rate

As per your business goals, your conversion goal could be webinar registration, email sign-ups, product purchase, service subscription, form completion, and others. Consider what goals matter to you the most, and ensure that your website entices people to do the same. Also, factor in the amount you’re spending per conversion and whether you’re getting the expected benefits.

Track the metrics discussed here on a weekly or biweekly basis. Doing this activity regularly will bring forth any lacunae and improve the efficacy of your website. Also, keep an eye on users’ purchase behaviour to continue the fine-tuning process of your marketing strategy. Alongside this you must also be mindful of the latest web development improvements that you can implement on your website.

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