How to convert customers into brand advocates

Brand Advocates

In the B2B purchase journey, reviews from existing customers carry immense weight. In fact, 76% of B2B buyers go through reviews from at least three sources before making a purchase decision. Another survey suggests that 92% of people trust positive reviews from their peers.

Since reviews can have a significant impact on prospects, there is definitely merit in trying to convert existing customers into brand advocates. At its core, the concept is that you first impress your customers. In turn, they willingly (and voluntarily) spread the word amongst their peers, recommending you and your core offerings. This eventually helps accelerate the sales cycle and improve conversions.

Wondering how you can set this in motion? Take a look.

How to convert customers into brand advocates

Transforming customers into brand advocates is one way of building awareness, speeding up your sales cycle, augmenting conversions, etc. For other sure-fire ways to achieve the same outcomes, turn to digital marketing tools. Partner with Resolute B2B to drive these results for your business via services like SEO marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, PPC campaigns, email marketing, web design and web development. Contact us today to get started.


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