A beginner’s guide to mobile lead generation

A beginner’s guide to mobile lead generation

80.76% of the global population owns a smartphone today and people spend 59% of their time online. Surely, if you asked any business owner where people are looking for their business or consuming their content, they’re likely to say that a majority of their audience connects with them through mobile, rather than desktop.


Since increasing conversions is any business’ ultimate goal, it is important that you optimize for mobile lead generation. Having a good, informative website is undoubtedly important, but also pay attention to the small things that ensure that you aren’t losing out on leads. We present to you a checklist of 5 things that every beginner should focus on, especially an SME.

While this checklist comprises simple things, they create a big impact. In the process of building an impressive website, a rookie mistake is overlooking these basic, yet immensely beneficial elements. So, keep this guide handy!

5 tips to improve mobile lead generation

Mobile-friendly web pages and forms

First things first, your website has to be just as impactful and imposing when viewed on a mobile device, as it is when viewed on a desktop. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile viewing, you are likely to lose out on the 61% of consumers who prefer making a purchase from a mobile-friendly website.

In addition to this, ensure that all your forms are also optimized for mobile viewing. If they aren’t scaled for size, are too long or simply take up too much time and space, your lead is likely to lose interest. The same is true if your form fields are too small and difficult to click on. So, make the experience smooth to improve engagement and nudge prospects to sign up for more information, or better yet, make a purchase.

Apart from the obvious benefit of lead generation, in the long run, making your website captivating on a mobile device will also improve your SEO performance and credibility.

Communication that packs a punch

When you’re working on website copy, you may spend a lot of time explaining the relevance of your services, your commitment to quality, etc. However, remember that whether it is general information or more importantly, a Call-To-Action (CTA), a mobile’s screen is much smaller than that of a standard laptop or desktop. On a desktop, a visitor can scan the screen and pick out the most relevant pieces of information. However, on a mobile screen, they have to view the content in order, starting right at the top. What does this mean? The most important communication has to come first. Also, to prevent an information overload, from a visual standpoint, all your copy must be as crisp as possible. You want the information to be helpful in steering a potential customer towards a purchase rather than being distracting.

Remember, those consuming content on mobile devices are usually multitasking. They’re probably waiting for their Uber driver, taking a quick break in between Zoom meetings or browsing while waiting in a queue. So, you have a limited window to make an impact.

Simple copy, clear CTAs and good design will help you create a funnel where visitors are led towards conversion. Simultaneously, it will minimize the possibility of a lead dropping off the website because he/she is overwhelmed, confused or finds the whole endeavor tedious.


Incentives for prospective customers

Incentives for prospective customers

Want to boost leads through mobile? Incentivize your customers! For instance, you can offer a free consultation should someone sign up on your website, or even a promo code/discount code. This will create a win-win situation. You can capture a lead, nurture it and facilitate conversions. Meanwhile, your audience will appreciate that you’re prioritizing their interests and offering them a clear benefit.

Best use of geotargeting

You’re probably already running several ad campaigns on social media, but are you making the most of geotargeting? Double down on geotargeting to turbocharge mobile lead generation. Once you understand the demographics pertaining to your audience, you can target based on location, age, income, travel preferences, brand choices and much more. This way you can make your communication more targeted and reap better ROI in addition to more conversions.

Social media integration

Don’t just rely on your website to boost mobile conversions. Link your social media accounts to your website. Globally, people spend about 145 minutes a day on social media on average, and 99% of all social media users access their profiles from a mobile device.

If you are able to effectively lead web traffic to your social media profiles, with a strong social media listening and engagement strategy in place, you’ll not only be able to boost your reach and visibility, but also convert more people into loyal customers.

Apart from these five basics, here are 3 other measures you can take to drive mobile lead generation to the next level.

mobile lead generation

● To boost conversions, make it as easy for a customer to reach out to you as possible. To this end, don’t just list your phone number on your website. Make it clickable so that a web visitor can dial it straightaway. The same applies for email IDs. Clicking on it should open the user’s default email app with your email address pre-filled in the ‘To’ field.

● Does your desktop website have a menu or content that appears when you hover over it? If so, make some changes. Hovering on a mobile device can be frustrating! Similarly, if you have pop-ups that aren’t sized correctly, it can be a deterrent for customers.

● Any webpage will seem longer on a mobile screen than it will on a desktop, since all information has to flow vertically, one below the other, on a much smaller screen. So, if your web page has many scrolls, make sure you place the CTA at regular intervals. You surely don’t want to lose out on leads simply because they can’t find the CTA. Placing it strategically, a few times on a long web page, makes it easy for an interested customer to reach out to you.

Most importantly, remember that mobile lead generation is dynamic. What works today may be insufficient tomorrow. So, make sure you stay updated on the latest strategies to stay ahead of the curve. Better yet, outsource mobile lead generation to us. From optimizing web design and content to implementing the right strategies across platforms, we’re a one-stop shop that takes care of it all!

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