8 digital marketing statistics every B2B marketer should pay heed to

8 digital marketing statistics every B2B marketer should pay heed to

Digital marketers are under constant pressure to keep track of changing market trends and the latest technologies. It’s essential that you stay updated to beat your competitors and reach your target audience. And yet it’s an ongoing and demanding job. The easy way to stay ahead of the curve is to monitor the digital marketing statistics.

Would you like to keep track of SEO, PPC, content marketing, or email marketing service trends? You’re at the right place! We’re discussing eight statistics to help you improve your business, connect with your audience better, and boost your revenue. Here you go.

81% of customers go with word-of-mouth from trusted sources.

Building a company’s reputation can go a long way. So much so that it can bring in more potential customers. Decision-makers have begun to consider the opinion of family and friends to making business decisions. And that’s why it’s vital to provide a superlative customer experience. Offer an incentive to the existing customer for referring and a referral code for the new customer to benefit. This way you forge a better relationship with the new customer while improving one with the existing customer.

75% of visitors never scroll to the second page of Google’s search results.

And that’s why it is crucial that you appear on the first page of the results. It significantly improves your discoverability among your target audience. A higher rank also means that your audience, hence Google too finds your core offerings credible enough. Understanding your audience base can give you an insight into the search intent. With the right usage and placement of keywords, your ranking will soar.

Over 90% of B2B marketers prefer LinkedIn for social media marketing.

The majority of LinkedIn users are B2B decision-makers, a staggering 4 out of 5. Hence the platform also has B2B marketers looking for business opportunities. It’s never too late to elevate your organic social marketing on LinkedIn. Keep your profile up-to-date, post frequently, and interact with your audience and peers.

Google paid ads can boost your brand awareness by almost 80%.

With a 200% ROI posting pay-per-click ads on Google is a win-win scenario. It makes the target audience familiarized with you and your products/services. You can then drive these warmed leads into the sales funnel and nurture them till conversion.

Content marketing generates 3x more leads per $1 spent while costing 62% less in comparison to traditional marketing.

The success of your entire digital marketing strategy relies heavily on content marketing. By improving your content quality, you spend less while bringing more leads. And if you personalize it as per the buyer’s journey, you’ll also optimize the conversion rate by 72%.

When you embed videos in emails, the CTR improves by 300%.

Videos have a great information retention rate. When you combine it with emails, the oldest and most trusted marketing platform, the result is nothing less than extraordinary. Include a video that matches the email content thus making it more communicative and easily consumable.

A/B testing is the most preferred conversion rate optimization technique.

Split testing or A/B testing helps you maximize resource usage and efficacy while decreasing the overall risk. You improve the customer experience, hence earning their loyalty, and enabling conversion.

Slower page response increases web page abandonment rate.

Delay in page loading hampers a visitor’s experience. Page abandonment can go as high as even 50% when a web page takes beyond 10 seconds to load. An easy way to avoid this is by compressing CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files, optimizing images and videos, reducing redirects, and improving server response time, among others.

Next time you want to reinvent your digital marketing strategies, use the statistics discussed here. For everything else, contact us at Resolute B2B. We’re a one-stop shop when it comes to digital marketing. What’s more: we’re also available on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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