5 tips to excel at B2B webinar registration

5 tips to excel at B2B webinar registration

Webinars have over time become one of the most powerful lead generation tools, especially in the B2B industry. In fact, 60% of businesses design webinars to drive purchases. The reason behind webinars’ success is that they are more for educational purposes. You deviate from the usual hard sell approach and prefer to concentrate on cementing your credibility.

While this is great news for any company, 42.9% of marketers said that they faced difficulty in getting people to register for a webinar. In this reference, we will be discussing five winnable tips to sharpen your webinar registration skills. Here you go:

Start promoting early

Studies suggest that you should ideally start creating the hype four weeks before the webinar date. Then concentrate on the days leading up to the online event by promoting it on optimal channels. In worst-case scenarios, you must send a promotional email at least 15 days prior to the webinar and ensure it doesn’t go to spam.

Also, make sure that the registration process is easy to follow. Studies show that a complex registration process drives attendees away, and rightly so. Subtly highlight how the webinar will add value to their business, aid in growth, and you’re good to go.

Offer flexible viewing experience

Make sure the audience can attend the webinar live and on-demand as well. There are two-fold benefits. Recent research showed that, on average, only 44% of those registered attend the webinar. Send the recorded videos to those who failed to attend the online seminar. So, the first benefit is that it shows that you care for your prospects. You ensured that the attendees didn’t miss a chance for exposure.

Coming to on-demand webinars, these are presentations that are recorded and can be replayed later. Once the seminar is over, share a summary of the same on your website by posting it as a gated video. That means interested visitors will have to share their contact details to view the video. Which is the second benefit—warm leads and interest in your products/services.

Schedule smartly

Research shows that the response is better when the webinars are held in the middle of the week. If the event is held on a Tuesday or a Wednesday, on average, the number of registrants can be up to 260. Experts also added that the weekends were a bad time for conducting these.

The best time to hold a webinar is at 10-11 am PST or 1-2 pm EST. If you’re a company that operates across continents/nations, it would be better if you test what timings work best for you. This is so because your target audience might be in different time zones and finding one that suits everyone is key.

Partner to increase reach

Webinars are incomplete without renowned industry experts attending as speakers or co-hosts. Identify people who will be the right fit and have established credibility in your industry. Boost your reachability by asking them to promote the webinar within their circle. You stand to gain a lot  from their reputation  and have better chances of enticing their followers with your core business offering.

Find ways to engage the audience

Focus on audience engagement and find different ways to achieve them. Research suggests that over 80% of attendees prefer to have a live Q&A session at the end of a webinar. Getting personalized replies to queries helps them learn about the product/service. You can hold surveys/polls or ask them to respond to a standard questionnaire. Share the results during your online presentation. It shows that the attendants are active participants, which gives them more control over their purchase journey. Audience engagement is the strongest nudge towards purchase.

Webinars might be extremely effective for lead generation. But for an actual conversion, you’ll need to follow up with them to collect the webinar feedback. Your sales representatives can also reach out directly or schedule a demonstration. This form of nurturing will make them further aware of your company and your products/services. if webinar registration overwhelms you, reach out to the experts. Resolute B2B’s sales reps have an excellent track record when it comes to getting people to register for webinars. Contact us to get the best webinar registration services today!

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