5 expert tips to establish a strong connect with a prospect

5 expert tips to establish a strong connect with a prospect

Since the first interaction with a prospect helps you get a foot in the door through which you can build a business relationship, getting it absolutely right is crucial. However, B2B decision-makers are pitched to ever so often. So, if you start your interaction with the cliched, “Let me tell you about our amazing product”, chances are that your prospect will tune out immediately.

To help you out, we’re taking you through a few dos and don’ts that will pique your prospects’ interest and pave the way for a fruitful interaction.

use these tips to establish a strong connect with your prospect
Contact via the right channel

It all starts with picking the right channel to contact your prospect. But with so many options at your disposal, you may wonder how you should go about making a choice. Here are a few tips.

Choose email, when you want to offer a detailed explanation. Sending an email first also gives you an excuse to follow-up with a call. On the other hand, if your prospect is already warm, opt for a voice call. You can follow this up with a text message to improve chances of conversion by 112.6%. Optionally, if your prospects are active on social media platforms and have engaged with your brand in any manner, you can consider contacting them via social media messaging.

Focus on being genuine

Here’s something to keep in mind—prospects are bracing themselves for a hard sell. This means an onslaught of information, delivered in a single breath, in a rehearsed ‘salesy’ voice. This is also what people find most off-putting about sales pitches. So, a good trick is to go the other route. Instead of trying your best to charm the prospect, focus on having an authentic conversation. Also, don’t read off of a script. Have a list of points that you can refer to, but let the conversation flow naturally. You have a far better chance of striking a connect should you adopt this approach.

If you’re not sure whether you’re putting on an act each time you make a sales call, record yourself and play it back to spot intonation, accents or delivery that may come across as rehearsed.

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Make it about them, not you

When it comes to lead generation, many a times your focus is on showing off your products and services. On the other hand, a prospect is only concerned with how their needs are being met. This creates friction.

So, instead of making the pitch all about your offerings, superior quality, etc., ask your prospect what gaps they’re facing. Understand their pain points and what it is that they’re looking for. Then, speak of your offering within this context. Instead of rattling off features, explain how it effortlessly solves the problem that the prospect is facing.

In other words, shift the entire focus from what you’re selling, on to the lead. Dig deep to understand them better. Listen intently and resist interrupting with case studies or stacks of data. The more you understand, the more seamlessly you’ll be able to provide a best-fit solution from within your bank of offerings. This, in turn, will improve conversions.

Offer a freebie
Offer a freebie

When you’re contacting a prospect for the first time, building a rapport is key. What better way to do it than with a freebie? It speaks to your interest in the prospect and also creates immediate value for them. Some options you can consider are access to an exclusive on-demand webinar, a product demo, or free tech support for a few months. Irrespective of whether they accept or reject the offer, you would have begun on a positive note by prioritizing their needs.

Don’t give up

Don’t strike a prospect off your list if they say no the first time, or if you’re unable to get in touch with them. In some cases, it can take time to connect, so it’s best to have a long-term plan in place. Remember, there’s no harm in reaching out more than once, as long as you do it correctly. This means letting enough time pass before you reach out again. Also, don’t go back to the prospect with the same information, delivered in the same manner. Try a different approach each time to improve your chances of success. Similarly, try alternative channels. If you found that the prospect was hesitant to speak over the phone, send an email the next time.

While these are a few insider tricks to getting prospects to listen to you, should you find that you neither have time, nor skilled resources to implement these strategies, enlist the help of Resolute B2B. We use a range of lead generation tools and strategies to supply your sales funnel with leads. What’s more, our experienced lead generation executives understand the psyche of prospects and tailor pitches to perfection to maximize leads. Contact us to learn more.

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