5 components of a successful B2B landing page

5 components of a successful B2B landing page

When a visitor clicks on your ad or link in an email that you send, it takes them to a landing page. A landing page’s sole purpose is to provide visitors with all the relevant information, in a way that entices them to become your customer. Hence, a landing page plays a crucial role in conversion for prospects at the bottom of the sales funnel.

A B2B landing page’s success hinges on five components. If designed carefully, it can improve your conversion rate significantly. Take a look at what these elements are and what you must pay attention to.

what elements should a b2b landing page have?
Catchy heading

The first element that a visitor notices on a landing page is the headline. It has to be short and catchy while highlighting your product or service. The heading must also be able to convey how it can add value to the visitor’s business, and communicate a sense of urgency, which often helps guide purchase. When crafting your headline, ensure that it ties back to the communication in the original ad or email.

Appealing body copy

The body further establishes what the heading suggests. It elaborates on your organization’s USP and how your product or service is the right match for a business. Here, you can talk about the many benefits that you offer. Be wary and do not simply list out features. Features explain what a product or service does, whereas listing benefits spotlights how the product or service is the ideal solution that the prospect needs. When you focus on benefits, you contextualize. You talk about how you are going to remedy their pain points which is much more compelling.

Another thing to keep in mind is to keep copy crisp and supplement it with strong visuals. With videos and images, you can make sure that a viewer can access, understand, and most importantly, retain relevant information easily.

Compelling social proof

Next up is social proof of what you’ve done so far. B2B buyers come with experience, and you will need to gain their trust in order for them to become customers. To this end, list out the names and logos of your past clients. If possible, include their testimonials to further impress upon your capabilities. While saying you’re an industry leader may convince some, taking these two steps will tangibly back up your claims.

Clear CTA

Landing pages act as a mode of lead generation for B2B organizations, therefore, a clear CTA is a must. A CTA will direct your prospects towards taking the action that you intend for them to take.

When designing your CTA, ensure that it stands out and isn’t phrased ambiguously. Your CTA should immediately communicate the next steps that you want a website visitor to take. For instance,  ‘Download eBook’, ‘Request free demo’ or ‘Buy now’ are all examples of action-oriented CTAs that demand a click.

Apart from a clear message, ensure that you place the CTA in areas where it’ll be unmissable.

No navigation elements

Remove navigation elements from the header, footer or other sections of your landing page. This is because when you have multiple clickable elements, it can distract the website viewer from the CTA and result in re-direction to other webpages. This can result in a dip in conversions.

When the page is devoid of navigation elements, you will be able to hold the visitors’ attention till they take the intended action. You will also be able to measure the performance of the landing page more accurately, as you don’t have multiple drop-off points.

Landing pages are crucial to any B2B organization. To get maximum benefit, it’s ideal that you create a separate landing page for each campaign. And when you are experimenting with elements discussed in this article, conduct an A/B test to understand how to get exceptional results. Optionally, reach out to Resolute B2B. What makes us the best in the business is our incomparable understanding of web design and development, and our unparalleled skillset. We can help you create landing pages and websites that not only impress, but translate into measurable returns. Contact us to learn more.

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