4 ways to adopt human-centered marketing and get better results

4 ways to adopt human-centered marketing and get better results

Human-centered marketing ensures that customer experience is the core of the marketing strategy. It begins with putting ourselves in customers’ shoes, listening with empathy, and growing together with customers, employees, and stakeholders. The benefit is that you take a humane approach in a market that is gradually becoming mechanical. You’re bound to stand out.

When you are marketing to people, you eventually want them to take a particular action as per your wants. But when you are marketing for people, you focus on getting them the help they need. That is what human-centered marketing is all about.

Following are the four steps any enterprise can follow:

Help make the customer experience better

To enhance your customer-centric marketing, you need to include empathy in your approach. Do not just pitch a product or service for the sake of selling. Rather, understand their requirements and show them how you are the solution.

Imagine yourself as a hotel concierge. Do they advise guests based on their opinion? No, they don’t. Rather, they curtail their replies as requested. Perhaps we can approach marketing in the same way that a concierge approaches to service.

Do not completely automate marketing

Automation is great and saves both time & effort. However, trust cannot be automated. You gain that over time by showing that you care. Attempt to connect with each potential lead and show that you have their best interests in mind.

Your sales team can coordinate and physically call each customer, or even send a customized email. This way a personal touch will build and strengthen your relationship.

Focus on building a relationship

The entire process of marketing is all about building a relationship. Instead of making the conversation mechanical, you can start by having a chatbot assist a prospect visiting your website. It can initiate the interaction on your behalf. Maybe you can ask the prospective customer to fill out a form, and then one of your employees can continue the conversation.

Meaningful interaction will help you understand what they are seeking. It is pertinent so that you can serve them better. Plus, if a consumer feels that they are being heard, it will lead to a loyal, long-lasting relationship. Things like changes in the sales pitch after feedback, emailing specific products or services, or even resolving an issue can help you.

Listen and improvise

Are you listening to your customers? Do you take their feedback seriously every time? As a B2B marketer, you mustn’t miss any opportunity to reinvent your marketing strategies based on customer feedback.

First and foremost, shift toward marketing practises that put the customer first and cater to their desires. At the end of any lead generation process, it is about a human being who needs something and seeks your help. They are the lifeline on which your business survives and hence are of paramount importance.

The above points reiterate that automated sales practices are great for any business, but empathy-based human-centered marketing continues to remain vital. While customers want quick responses, they also expect a bit of human touch during the interaction. We, at Resolute B2B, can help you find the right balance and improve your brand perception. Give us a call on +91 – 8121631602 (India) or +1 302-664-8181 (USA). Or reach out to us at info@b2bresolute.com for more information.

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