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Data Sets

Data Sets

In-house Data sets Subscribed Audiences Data Provided by Clients

We use  our  in-house  Datasets, generated and verified overtime. Data with intent and previously engaged audiences are used for marketing purposes  

We market to audience who have  subscribed to receive promotions  and marketing on our publishing  networks.

We market to accounts identified by  clients, often data sets are provided  and/or work on target account lists.

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Research Data Partnerships

We have a capable research team who  can identify companies and people that  can lead to a positive marketing ROI.

Our extensive network and strategic  partnerships with intent data providers  help us to get business  contacts  seamlessly and securely.


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Resolute B2B is a global lead generation company with capabilities to cater to clients with our Digital & Tele marketing presence powered with data intelligence  clubbed with high standards of quality results.

ECIL, Hyderabad, Telangana
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